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Lie on your back, exercise ball between your feet, femur perpendicular to the floor, lower leg parallel to the floor, arms by your side. On exhale straighten your legs, return on inhale.

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Workouts by this Member

  • Mini 1
    Mini 1
    6 mins 25 secs, Moderate
  • Mini 2
    Mini 2
    5 minutes, Moderate
  • My Kiwi A
    My Kiwi A
    31 mins 30 secs, Moderate
  • My Kiwi B
    My Kiwi B
    21 mins 30 secs,
  • Trcanje Tj7-2
    Trcanje Tj7-2
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Trcanje Tj7-3
    Trcanje Tj7-3
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Trcanje Tj7-4
    Trcanje Tj7-4
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Trcanje Tj7-1
    Trcanje Tj7-1
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Trcanje Poc Tj3 Pet
    Trcanje Poc Tj3 Pet
    30 minutes, Moderate