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Using weights, jump back into a plank and hop back up. Standing straight up curl your weights into your chest and repeat

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Workouts by this Member

  • My Butt Workout
    My Butt Workout
    20 minutes, Intense
  • Lazy Days
    Lazy Days
    10 mins 40 secs, Moderate
  • Warm-Up
    3 mins 45 secs, Casual
  • Bed Workout
    Bed Workout
    15 minutes, Moderate
  • I Hate Cardio
    I Hate Cardio
    10 minutes, Intense
  • Stretch & Flex
    Stretch & Flex
    3 mins 55 secs, Casual
  • Body Weight Workout
    Body Weight Workout
    30 minutes, Intense
  • Hamstring Tone Up!
    Hamstring Tone Up!
    18 minutes, Moderate
  • Quick Butt Burn! 
    Quick Butt Burn! 🔥
    3 minutes, Moderate