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Place your right foot on the floor so that the heel touches your left knee. Do not let your right leg rise off the floor. Inhale and extend your left leg behind you. The front of your left thigh, kneecap, shin, instep, and the upper part of your toes Should rest on the floor. Exhale and push your right hip into the floor. Intensity this stretch by moving your right foot away from the thigh until your upper and lower legs form a right angle

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Workouts by this Member

  • Run 1.5 Miles
    Run 1.5 Miles
    20 minutes, Casual
  • Run 20 Mins
    Run 20 Mins
    21 minutes, Moderate
  • Full Body Rollout
    Full Body Rollout
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Walk For 30
    Walk For 30
    30 minutes, Casual
  • Physio 2nd Session
    Physio 2nd Session
    22 mins 1 sec, Moderate
  • Walk For 40
    Walk For 40
    40 minutes, Casual
  • Booty Fire
    Booty Fire
    20 minutes, Intense
  • Run For 30
    Run For 30
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Walk For 5 Miles
    Walk For 5 Miles
    1 hr 15 mins, Casual