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Start in the squat position. Put your right hand on the floor on the right side of your hips. Then put your right hip on the right elbow. Slowly put whole bodyweight on this hand and then lift your left leg up. You can touch the ground by your left hand for better stability. If you feel comfortable, lift your right leg up too. You can hold your legs near the chest or if you want to be challanged, you can straighten both legs creating a plank position.

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Workouts by this Member

  • Air Chair - Begginer
    Air Chair - Begginer
    8 mins 20 secs, Moderate
  • Freez Master - Begginer
    Freez Master - Begginer
    8 mins 15 secs, Moderate
  • Complete Stretching
    Complete Stretching
    15 minutes, Moderate
  • Freeze Master - Advanced
    Freeze Master - Advanced
    21 mins 40 secs, Intense
  • Meditation for beginners
    Meditation for beginners
    30 minutes, Moderate