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1. Start off by placing a bench in front of a high cable pulley machine with the head rest facing the machine in an incline position. 2. Attach a long bar to the machine and sit down with your back on the bench. 3. Grab the bar with both hands with palms facing out and slowly pull down with your shoulders until the bar reaches to around your pelvic area, keep your arms straight throughout the whole movement. 4. Hold this position for a count then return back up slowly to the start.

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Workouts by this Member

  • P90x: Ab Ripper X
    P90x: Ab Ripper X
    16 mins 35 secs, Intense
  • C25k
    20 mins 30 secs, Casual
  • C25K
    23 minutes, Moderate
  • C25K
    20 minutes, Casual
  • C25K Week 4
    C25K Week 4
    26 minutes, Moderate
  • C25K Week 5
    C25K Week 5
    26 minutes, Moderate
  • C25K Week 6
    C25K Week 6
    29 minutes, Moderate
  • C25K Week 7
    C25K Week 7
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • C25K Week 8
    C25K Week 8
    33 minutes, Moderate