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Sit on the floor with one leg outstretched and the ball under your hamstring. It’s best to do this on a firm surface. The hamstrings and the IT bands are areas where there is a lot of build-up of tension and accumulation of toxins for many people. Start by sitting in an upright position with your leg outstretched. Roll the massager from your knee all the way up to your pelvis, moving both vertically and horizontally.To place more pressure on the ball, push down on your thigh with your other foot by bringing it across and resting it on your mid thigh. To really get into the IT bands, roll onto the outer the side of the thigh and allow the ball to run from the knee right through the hip, remembering to move it in all directions. Then switch to the inner thigh and repeat the same motion.Place the ball right under the hip joint and work in a circular motion around the TFL. From there, work into your glutes. To apply more pressure place one foot on the opposite knee and push into the glutes.​

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Workouts by this Member

  • Workout#1 (Rolls)
    Workout#1 (Rolls)
    15 minutes, Casual
  • Workout#2 (ABS)
    Workout#2 (ABS)
    15 mins 40 secs, Casual
  • Workout#3 (Elliptical)
    Workout#3 (Elliptical)
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Workout#4 (Upper Body)
    Workout#4 (Upper Body)
    1 minute, Casual
  • Workout #5 (Rowing)
    Workout #5 (Rowing)
    30 minutes, Casual
  • Workout #7 (Yoga)
    Workout #7 (Yoga)
    12 mins 40 secs, Casual
  • Workout #6 (Bike)
    Workout #6 (Bike)
    30 minutes, Casual
  • Workout #8 (Hamstrings)
    Workout #8 (Hamstrings)
    10 mins 3 secs, Casual
  • Workout #10 (Rite)
    Workout #10 (Rite)
    2 mins 5 secs, Intense