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10-20 reps per side, 1-2 sets 1. Attach middle strap of the tubing at a high point of attachment and take hold of both handles. Kneel with outside knee down. 2. Both knees should be flexed at 90 degrees. Narrow your base to within 6-inch width of knee of one leg and heel of the other. 3. While remaining tall and upright, pull tubing down and across the chest while keeping it close to your body. Shoulders should turn minimally and your head should face forward. All actions should be done with the arms. 4. The tubing should come across the body from shoulder to opposite hip keeping your hands close to your chest throughout the movement. 5. Slowly return to the starting position.

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Workouts by this Member

  • Daily Back Stretch
    Daily Back Stretch
    13 mins 40 secs, Casual
  • Daily Back/Core Strengthening
    Daily Back/Core Strengthening
    7 mins 55 secs, Moderate
  • Monday Back & Core
    Monday Back & Core
    16 mins 40 secs, Moderate
  • Tuesday Back & Core
    Tuesday Back & Core
    17 mins 20 secs, Moderate
  • Wednesday Back & Core
    Wednesday Back & Core
    16 minutes, Moderate
  • Thursday Back & Core
    Thursday Back & Core
    15 minutes, Moderate
  • Friday Back & Core
    Friday Back & Core
    13 mins 40 secs, Moderate