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INITIAL POSITION Riding on the back floor (shoulders), stretched legs stretched like the basin or a little more, quadricipita contracted, an arm stretched high up front faces a kettlebell, the other in the outside. MOVEMENT Keeping the basin and legs firmly push the kettlebell upward with the bust. The movement ends with the straight bust and the kettlebell up on the shoulder's vertical. Without changing the trim of your arm you return to the floor. In ascending and descending climbing uphill and downhill rolling, the uphill movement ends with a straight back but this avoids bouncing on the lumbar area during exercise. PURPOSE EXERCISE Exercise that affects the abdomen, but also involves the muscles of the shoulder and spine (upper part) to hold weight. BREATHING Inhale to the floor, exhale during movement. TIPS It's important to keep the quadriceps contracted to control the basin: always use proper loads, exercise does not involve any special difficulty unless good control of the pelvis, lower back, and ability to climb properly with a smooth, clean motion. Good shoulder looseness to always end the movement with the kettlebell on the shoulder vertical. MISTAKES Keep your legs bent and, consequently, curl up and charge the lumbar region (lower back). The kettlebell must always reach the shoulder's vertical, if the movement ends with the forward hand over the shoulder is wrong and you can hurt. 

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