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INITIAL POSITION Lying back to the floor (supine), legs bent with the heels as close to the buttocks as possible, the feet width the pelvis, the hands grip the kettlebell with the arms stretched out in front of the face. MOVEMENT Push the kettlebell upwards by lifting the shoulders from the floor and keeping the lower back (lumbar) on the floor. EXERCISE PURPOSE Interesting of the rectus of the abdomen, upper part. The kettlebell is just a load. BREATHING Inhale when the back is on the floor, exhale during movement. TIPS Easy and fundamental exercise, suitable for everyone. To better exploit all the muscle, it would be excellent, during the movement, to crush the belly inside: increase the excursion, keeping the lumbar area on the floor. It is advisable to grab the kettlebell from the handle, which is safer than to hold it against the ball. MISTAKES Start the movement from the head; the weight is also a help for the correct execution: push it upwards and then raise the head. Do not arch your back during the return phase.

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