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SET UP Slowly lower yourself to floor in kneeling position and place hands on Left and Right handles. Each handle has a large L or R to indicate proper placement of the Left or Right hand. Ergonomic handles are designed to support thumbs in two different positions: on top (recommended for additional strength) or underneath. Place knees and feet hip-width apart with toes resting on the floor. Position Perfect Ab-Carver directly under shoulders. MOVEMENT Slowly roll Ab-Carver away from you and keep eyes focused 1 foot in front of Ab-Carver. As you extend upper body, keep core tight by pulling navel toward spine. Remember to take it slow. Return to start position and use arms and abdominals to pull you back. TIP This is an intense abdominal exer- cise, if you are just starting out, make sure to learn your limits (see Rules of Carve-ing). Place Ab-Carver 12” away from wall and slowly roll toward the wall. It will act as a safety barrier should you not be able to control the movement in the beginning.

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Workouts by this Member

  • Bowflex Upper x3
    Bowflex Upper x3
    31 minutes, Moderate
  • Bowflex Upper x1
    Bowflex Upper x1
    10 mins 20 secs, Casual
  • Bowflex Upper x2
    Bowflex Upper x2
    23 mins 40 secs, Casual
  • Bowflex Lower x3
    Bowflex Lower x3
    23 mins 48 secs, Moderate
  • Bowflex Lower x2
    Bowflex Lower x2
    15 mins 52 secs, Moderate
  • Bowflex Lower x1
    Bowflex Lower x1
    7 mins 56 secs, Moderate
  • Ab Roller 3x10
    Ab Roller 3x10
    4 mins 15 secs, Moderate
  • Cardio Walk/Run Ia
    Cardio Walk/Run Ia
    30 minutes, Moderate
  • Interval Walk 20min
    Interval Walk 20min
    20 minutes, Casual