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Start by standing up tall with your feet set at shoulder width and reach your arms up above your head. From this top position lower your arms down and at the same time, sit your hips back and bend your knees to lower down into a squat position. Aim to touch the floor with your hands and keep your heals on the floor. At the bottom of the squat try not to actively hold a squat position, instead, allow gravity to lower your hips as far as possible whilst keeping you back straight and chest up. It should feel like a stretch for the hips, ankles and legs at the bottom position. Then stand up and raise your arms overhead to return to the start position. Keep this up and down movement going at a steady, controlled pace for the duration of the movement. Watch out for your knees collapsing in towards each other as you squat down. Aim to engage your glutes and drive your knees out sideways over your feet.

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