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With back against flat wall slide down with arms against wall at shoulder level and arms bent at 90 degrees with back of wrists and elbows against wall. Lower yourself down the wall keeping low back wrists and elbows against wall as soon as you notice any of those areas moving away from wall slide back up to starting position.

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Workouts by this Member

  • Moderate Push-Up and Rotation
    Moderate Push-Up and Rotation
    1 minute, Intense
  • Saturday workout
    Saturday workout
    12 minutes, Moderate
  • Cardio Circuit 8
    Cardio Circuit 8
    24 minutes, Intense
  • Full Body Challenges
    Full Body Challenges
    49 mins 25 secs, Moderate
  • 7,14,21 Pyramids
    7,14,21 Pyramids
    16 mins 10 secs, Moderate
  • Cycles
    14 mins 15 secs, Moderate
  • Work Till Fatigue
    Work Till Fatigue
    12 minutes, Moderate
  • Cardio Resistance 10-40 Cycles
    Cardio Resistance 10-40 Cycles
    50 minutes, Moderate
  • Slam Swing Ups And Holds
    Slam Swing Ups And Holds
    39 minutes, Moderate