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Bend at waist touch fingers to the ground. Squat down on heals. Turn legs out a bit reach hands up as high as possible. Stand up. Repeat.

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Workouts by this Member

  • Moderate Push-Up and Rotation
    Moderate Push-Up and Rotation
    1 minute, Intense
  • Saturday workout
    Saturday workout
    12 minutes, Moderate
  • Cardio Circuit 8
    Cardio Circuit 8
    24 minutes, Intense
  • Full Body Challenges
    Full Body Challenges
    49 mins 25 secs, Moderate
  • 7,14,21 Pyramids
    7,14,21 Pyramids
    16 mins 10 secs, Moderate
  • Cycles
    14 mins 15 secs, Moderate
  • Work Till Fatigue
    Work Till Fatigue
    12 minutes, Moderate
  • Cardio Resistance 10-40 Cycles
    Cardio Resistance 10-40 Cycles
    50 minutes, Moderate
  • Slam Swing Ups And Holds
    Slam Swing Ups And Holds
    39 minutes, Moderate