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Pivot ball and muscle at the same time, 2x. Pull ball towards body, 2x. Repeat whole pattern 3 times.

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Workouts by this Member

  • Morning Stretch A
    Morning Stretch A
    13 minutes, Casual
  • Light Conditioning A
    Light Conditioning A
    9 mins 48 secs, Casual
  • Evening Stretch A
    Evening Stretch A
    9 minutes, Casual
  • Weights V1
    Weights V1
    8 mins 42 secs, Moderate
  • Evening Conditioning A
    Evening Conditioning A
    13 mins 30 secs, Moderate
  • Treadmill - Incline Climb
    Treadmill - Incline Climb
    55 minutes, Casual
  • Morning Stretch B
    Morning Stretch B
    12 mins 48 secs, Casual
  • Morning Conditioning B
    Morning Conditioning B
    7 mins 59 secs, Moderate
  • Water Rower
    Water Rower
    23 minutes, Moderate