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Start with a push-up. Back straight, abs tight and chest low. Rotate into side plank position on the left side. Lift your right arm and left knee up in air and bring the left knee across your body towards your elbows and tap it. Pivot on your right foot and continue rotating the torso until you’re face up. Keep your hands directly beneath the shoulders and feet hip-width, knees bent at 90 degrees. Lift your hips until your torso is in tabletop position. Lift your left arm and right foot, rotating the upper body to the right, pivoting on the left foot until you are back in the start position. Speed up! Switch sides halfway through and repeat.

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  • TITANS Benchmark
    TITANS Benchmark
    7 mins 56 secs, Intense
  • PROMETHEUS Endurance
    PROMETHEUS Endurance
    1 hour, Casual
  • STYX Endurance
    STYX Endurance
    1 hr 10 secs, Moderate
  • RHEA Endurance
    RHEA Endurance
    1 hour, Casual
    1 hour, Intense
    1 hr 10 secs, Moderate
  • THEIA Endurance
    THEIA Endurance
    1 hour, Intense
  • POSEIDON Endurance
    POSEIDON Endurance
    1 hour, Casual
  • THETYS Endurance
    THETYS Endurance
    1 hr 11 secs, Intense