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30 to 40 lb weighted bar.. legs straight. Feet shoulder width apart, bend forward while keeping back straight and head up, lower until parallel with ground, contract core to bring body upright and squeeze

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Workouts by this Member

  • Core Development
    Core Development
    16 mins 35 secs, Moderate
  • Back To Back
    Back To Back
    9 minutes, Moderate
  • Strong Back Workout
    Strong Back Workout
    39 mins 5 secs, Intense
  • Back Stretch
    Back Stretch
    4 minutes, Casual
  • Lower Body Wk1
    Lower Body Wk1
    1 hr 18 mins 30 secs, Intense
  • Upper Body Wk1
    Upper Body Wk1
    1 hr 17 mins 39 secs, Intense
  • HIIT Core Wk1
    HIIT Core Wk1
    1 hr 45 secs, Intense
  • Lower Body Wk2
    Lower Body Wk2
    1 hr 10 mins 7 secs,
  • Upper Body Wk2
    Upper Body Wk2
    1 hr 19 mins 42 secs,