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Place your hands flat on the floor shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight and fully extend your legs behind you into a regular push up position, but with your feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width. Your body should be supported on your toes and hands only. Keeping your arms straight, move your hands back towards your feet, until your back arches upwards and you are looking between your feet. (Your body should form an upside down “V” shape) This is the start position. As you slowly exhale, bend your elbows, so that your chest and body arc forward and your hips move towards the floor. As you reach the start position, continue the movement by arching your back and straightening your arms. This will push your torso upwards so that your head and chest raise and you are looking above you. Slowly inhale and push through your arms to return to the start position.

Workouts by this Member

  • Dave's Cycle
    Dave's Cycle
    17 mins 36 secs, Moderate