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With your feet two times hip width apart, slightly bend your knees keeping them aligned and pointing to your toes. Lower your body and tilt your pelvis as if you would put a tail between your legs, keeping your hips, shoulders and heels vertically aligned and relaxed. (Lower your shoulders with your back muscles if you feel a stiff trapezius). Stretch your arms forward moving your scapula forward as much as possible, elbows pointing down, as if you were reading a newspaper, with the palms of your hands facing you and at the height of your shoulders. Keep the sensation of having upward resistance on the top of your head, as if there was something to push up with all your spine involved. Keep the feeling of downward heaviness on the sides of your body, (legs, feet, shoulders and arms). Keep this position as long as you can keep feeling your muscles as relaxed as possible. Let your body tremble a bit. It's a good sign if it happens. ~ WALL: If you have a wall you can support your back on it, keeping your heels 1 fist distant from the wall. Be careful to only touch the wall with your back in the kidney area. (Pelvis excluded). Start with 30 seconds 3x per day.

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