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1.) Start by lying on your side on an exercise ball next to a wall so that your feet are up against the wall. 2.) Cross your arms at your chest making sure you are leaning on one side and that your arms aren't touching the ball. 3.) While keeping your balance, curl your torso up to the side and squeeze your abdominals 4.) Return back to the starting position and repeat for as many sets and reps as possible, then switch to the opposite side and repeat the same steps. https://www.jefit.com/exercises/592/Exercise-Ball-Side-Crunch-Against-Wall

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Workouts by this Member

  • Core 2-1
    Core 2-1
    10 mins 42 secs, Moderate
  • Anatomical Adaptation-1
    Anatomical Adaptation-1
    4 mins 11 secs, Moderate
  • Core 1
    Core 1
    11 mins 50 secs, Moderate
  • Glute Band
    Glute Band
    6 mins 20 secs, Moderate
  • Anatomical Adaptation-2
    Anatomical Adaptation-2
    4 mins 49 secs, Moderate
  • Strength 1
    Strength 1
    5 mins 2 secs, Moderate
  • strength-Core-Run strength
    strength-Core-Run strength
    7 mins 26 secs, Moderate
  • 30 min Lower Body
    30 min Lower Body
    12 mins 20 secs, Moderate