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1) Place the band around both legs. 2) If you place higher up the leg, the move will be easier. 3) If you place it around your ankles, or even your feet, the move will be more difficult. 4) Pull the band so your feet are about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. 5) Toes should both be pointing forward and your feet should be parallel. 6) Step laterally with one foot and then step in with the other foot. 7) Always keep tension on the band when you are stepping and don’t let the feet come together. 8) Always keep them about hip-width to shoulder-width apart. 9) Every time you step try to step as far apart as possible to really work the glutes. 10) Do not drag the back foot when you step back in. 11) Also try not to rock as you shuffle. 12) You can do either a straighter leg side shuffle or a lower, bent knee shuffle. http://redefiningstrength.com/10-mini-band-butt-exercises/

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Workouts by this Member

  • Core 2-1
    Core 2-1
    10 mins 42 secs, Moderate
  • Anatomical Adaptation-1
    Anatomical Adaptation-1
    4 mins 11 secs, Moderate
  • Core 1
    Core 1
    11 mins 50 secs, Moderate
  • Glute Band
    Glute Band
    6 mins 20 secs, Moderate
  • Anatomical Adaptation-2
    Anatomical Adaptation-2
    4 mins 49 secs, Moderate
  • Strength 1
    Strength 1
    5 mins 2 secs, Moderate
  • strength-Core-Run strength
    strength-Core-Run strength
    7 mins 26 secs, Moderate
  • 30 min Lower Body
    30 min Lower Body
    12 mins 20 secs, Moderate