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• Adopt a 4 points kneel position, with the upper back sagged between the shoulder blades and the head hanging. • Push down through the hands to push the breastbone back up between the blades to bring the thorax into a neutral position, slightly rounded, but not a 'cat curl'. • Be sure to keep the lower rib cage dropped down towards the ground. • Starting at the bottom of the neck, keeping the chin tucked, draw the head back in line with the trunk, until the plane of the face is parallel to the floor. • At the end, release the chin nod slightly so that the neck is in neutral, with the eyes looking straight down between the hands. • From this position, keep the chin tucked and turn the head to one side. • Do not allow the chin to poke or the mid neck to collapse forward or tilt as you turn. • Think of a 'chicken on a spit' motion, with a rod straight down through the spine. • Return the head to midline. • Check the starting position again, drawing the head back if needed. • Repeat on the opposite side.

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