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Step 1) Use a wall to determine how far you can carve from the starting position. Follow the guidelines in the “Know your limits” section on the previous page. Step 2) On Day 1, perform 10 repetitions (reps) carving straight out, 5 carving left and 5 carving right. Follow the 21-Day workout to strengthen your core and arms. Step 3) Day 21 re-test your limit by moving in 6 inch increments away from the wall. Use your new limit as your baseline and repeat the 21-Day workout. 1) Keep eyes focused 1 ft. in front of the Perfect Ab-Carver 2) Keep elbows in 3) Keep the core tight - pull navel toward spine 4) Keep knees hip-width apart, tips of feet on the ground with toes resting on the floor, Ab Carver Pro directly under shoulders 5) Try both hand positions, on top (recommended for additional strength) or underneath, and use the one that feels most comfortable to you 6) As you extend upper body, keep core tight by pulling navel toward spine, squeeze glutes and brace core 7) Carving is not about speed, it’s about slow and controlled muscle contractions 8) Moving slowly lets you focus on keeping proper form and getting result Variation - Carve left or right 1) Set up the movement as described above. 2) To carve left or right, place more downward pressure on left or right hand and allow Ab-Carver to tilt to downward pressing hand. 3) Done properly, only one rubber tread should have contact with floor. 4) As you carve left and right, allow shoulders to tilt with Ab-Carver. 5) This exercise will engage all four sets of abdominals with emphasis on your right and left sides. 6) Remember to take it slow and learn your limits safely https://www.perfectonline.com/downloads/PF_AbCarver_Guide_LORES.pdf https://www.perfectonline.com/workouts

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