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Feet flat knees at a right angle and body at a 45° angle the floor with the head neural retract at the scapula, drawing elbows past your side finish in the moment they squeezing hard fully into your back. Return Smoothly to start position

More Exercises by this Member

Workouts by this Member

  • CEA Kettlevells
    CEA Kettlevells
    28 minutes, Moderate
  • cea Body Weight
    cea Body Weight
    20 mins 50 secs, Moderate
  • CEA Core
    CEA Core
    6 minutes, Intense
  • Cardio Killer
    Cardio Killer
    18 mins 33 secs, Intense
  • CEA Barbell
    CEA Barbell
    10 minutes, Moderate
  • LDM Upper Body (High Rep 3 Rounds)
    LDM Upper Body (High Rep 3 Rounds)
    11 mins 35 secs, Moderate
  • Rowing HIIT
    Rowing HIIT
    15 minutes, Intense
  • Bike Hitt
    Bike Hitt
    22 mins 30 secs, Intense
  • Elliptical HIIT 20 mins
    Elliptical HIIT 20 mins
    20 minutes, Intense