12 Chuck Norris Facts

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Aug 1, 2013 2:30pm
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1. Chuck Norris is a time traveling alien 2. Chuck Norris invented the giraffe after hitting a horse so hard that it neck stretched 3. Chuck Norris is so hard his chin just another fist 4. Chuck Norris created the continents, he hit the earth that hard it split 5. Superman is based on Chuck Norris because he is the Real man of steel 6. Chuck Norris is that hard he split Jenna Jameson in two just by thinking about sex 7. Chuck Norris hair is blonde it's just looks red because its covered In scum blood 8. Chuck Norris parted the Red Sea with one single karate chop 9. Chuck Norris killed a man by raising one eyebrow 10. Chuck Norris destroyed an entire forest just to save one child 11. Chuck Norris stood on elvis blue suede shoes and leaf him all shook up 12. Chuck Norris has a wank everything in a 10 mile radius gets pregnant