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Aug 14, 2013 4:44am
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Hello Everyone! I had every excuse in the book not to workout but I was truly my only excuse, I spoke about exercising & having a clean diet but never took action. Now I'm on top of things as far as exercising goes & I feel great. I'm still working on eating healthy, I mean I don't drink soda, I don't care for junk food but I don't eat breakfast and I wait till around 1pm or later for my first meal and then eat again later that's if I'm hungry (I mainly eat starchy foods) ... I really need help in that area. I came across this app some time ago but never really looked into it, now that I have ... I must say I LOVE IT! I really like how everyone is positive towards one another, that's motivation within itself. Well follow me & I'll be sure to follow back.

14 Aug
have u heard of: eat breakfast lk a king, lunch lk a prince, and dinner lk a peasant
14 Aug
@Mr12g . No, I've never heard of that saying but it's well put & it's something that will stick with me. Thanks!