Figuring this app out..

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Aug 28, 2013 12:39am

I am not quite sure I understand how to use all the features in this app. I can see the work-outs. I would like to find a boot camp, but am not willing to go PRO until I am sure that I can understand how to use it. Are there any useful tutorials??

28 Aug
I type in a search but there is no button to press to tell it to complete the search
28 Aug
What are you searching took me awhile too figure the app out....its useful on exercises you want too do....
28 Aug
If you go to the Workouts page, and the Browse tab there is a search bar there, as you type in something to search for (e.g. Boot camp) it will automatically search for workouts named or related to that, no need to hit a search button. Not sure if you will find a workout you like but there are many named boot camp or some variation of that... they are all individual workouts, not a boot camp program, which you have to pay for by going pro.