Needing some answers about my BMI

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Aug 28, 2013 5:31pm
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So I'm sort of new here and have questions about my BMI. I'm 14 years old, weigh about 90 pounds, but I'm short. I just grew and hit the 5 foot mark because I quit gymnastics. The thing is my BMI is estimated at 14.5 and I'm wondering, is this bad, or is this good? My doctor says I'm healthy, and my mom gives me the same "everyone's beautiful" and I understand that, I would just like to know should I gain weight or stay the way I am? I have been exercising since quitting gymnastics but not the same 16 hours a week that was gymnastics. I think I need to gain weight but how?
28 Aug
You are beautiful, Everest are you from
28 Aug
Where are you from?
28 Aug
28 Aug
I'm from Brazil
28 Aug
I'm 14 teses old too