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Sep 11, 2013 5:31am
Today, one of my girlfriends and i tried out a recipe we found for one of our absolute favorite fair foods! Two words people: Fried. Pickles. Whisked up a mean beer batter, turned up the "Fry Daddy" and started the makings of our greasy goodness! Fried a big ass jar of pickles. Moral of my story, I alone ate half a jars worth of fried pickles.... Generously dumped in ranch... and I feel like shit... No working this off, putting my food baby to sleep. Maybe I will do a double tomorrow? Any suggestions for some workouts that I can benefit from? :)
11 Sep
I need yo try this fried pickle thing you speak of...
11 Sep
11 Sep
Mmm fried pickles, who could blame you for having some, delicious! Sounds like a cardio day now, maybe a good HIIT workout. I may have to find some fried pickles myself today :)
12 Sep
A good run after a good dump. Best way to tackle greasy foods.
14 Sep
Girl theres always a tomorrow. Dont feel gilty we all have those lovely temtations.were humans girl.if u fell of the wagon today start clean again tomorow.thats my opinion
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Sep 11, 2013 8:45pm
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Appetizer at Buffalo Wild Wings. Addictive