Want to Change My Body Shape

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Sep 12, 2013 7:19pm
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Ive been researching my body shape and found out that Im a rectangle.And I hate that.I had LOVE to have a curvy look but I have such a wide structure that I dont think I can get a tiny waist.I have really small boobs and an average butt.My hips are kinda wide though-thats the only part of me that curves.
Can I get a more hourglass-ish shape?

12 Sep
If u want 2 change ur body you really need 2 change the unhealthy food your eating and also exercice regularly.i use 2 weigh 195 pnds and went down 2 101 pnds in a year. Iam 5 feet 2 inches.but to be real been skinny is not all that. Because it deprives u from eating regular food and injoying areally good time lunch, dinner, supper or family night out .thats the bad thing i think
13 Sep
Well I do eat healthy and work out.My question wasnt about losing weight,what I want is to change my SHAPE
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Sep 12, 2013 8:31pm
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Make peace with your body. No body is perfect. Workout, eat right and your good to go. When you project confidence, you attract people!