Motivation? Do you need some?

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Oct 20, 2013 8:38am
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Hey, im new to the app, however i am far from new to working out. The funny thing about motivation is this, most of us are going to look for results after the first work out. Most visual result actually take place during your rest period, the time between full workout periods. When working out your tearing the fiber and core of the muscle groups you are working out, and the rest period is where the torn and freshly broke down muscle rebuilds. When it does rebuild,it builds bigger and stronger. If your burning fat,you have to remember to add something to tighten the skin and build the muscle where the fat was burnt or you wont see the result as fast and you we will be working harder than needed. Now, for those looking for the instant result, good news is that they are there, you may not be able to see them but they are there. The most important result from your first couple of work outs is that you did them, you are working towards a better body and healthier life. Little back story, i was in the Marine corps. I was rather badly injured over seas. After being told i might not walk again, i decided to do something. I have worked out everyday for at least 30 mins everyday since 2011. Now, dont get motivation from that, find in yourself. Remember that even though you can't see every result, you gain more and more every time you do work out. Whether you can see you abbs slowly show up or your arms explode into can crushing lady getting monster, or you're gaining a toned butt that it makes guys break there necks trying to get a second look, that every work out is for you, no one else. Its your body, your health and your extra 30 minutes... so put down the cookie and do some push ups. Anyone needing help just hit me up!