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Nov 27, 2013 2:06am
via Android

Ok when finished with this test u r going to have a number and that number is going to be the amount of crunches you have to do. Okay ready?

Pick a number 1 to 10. Add 20 to that number. Think of your favorite color and add the number of letters there are to your number ex (green = +5) now add your age. Divide by 2. Add 100. Divide by 5. Add your best friends age and whatever number you have is the number of crunches you have to do.

Tell me if this works I just made it up.

27 Nov
I got 36
27 Nov
it doesn't work i got "fish" for an answer??!
27 Nov
Um u must have done it wrong lol cause that's not possible lol fish
27 Nov
omg what kind of game is this I just tried again and got "eat bugs" ??!x you're.sick!!!!
27 Nov
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Nov 27, 2013 4:19am
via Android

What if u took the division out and instead used multiplication and added a few more fun add ur moms age and subtract your oldest sisters age and if u dnt hav a sister use ur brothers and if u dnt hav a sibling add 50 there's like a million ways

28 Nov
Lol I was just trying it

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