Help dealing with moms cancer. Advice would be greatly appreciated

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Dec 4, 2013 12:06am
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Are you religious at all? Finding and talking to God may help. I wish I had more advice to give.

04 Dec
Thanks for trying...I'm semi religious...not entirely...I've been praying and hoping constantly
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Dec 4, 2013 12:25am
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That's good. God can help and direct you while offering support.

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Dec 4, 2013 12:40am
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Man that's horrible, but I wanna let you know yu keep up your praying bc god hears them all , I will keep you in my prayers ( I really will). God loves you and your mother. Keep strong! Believe in god to help. 
- the prayer of faith will save the sick, and The Lord will raise him up. An if he has committed his sins, he will be forgiven
                                            Jas 5:15
- serve The Lord your god and he will bless your bread and water. And I will take sick  was from the midst of you. 
                                           Ex 23:25
04 Dec
Thanks so much Cassidy. God bless you...
04 Dec
No problem, but I'm serious if yu have faith in god then he will really bless your family, but yu also make sure your mom does.! Good luck
04 Dec
Nice one sister
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Dec 4, 2013 12:53am
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I'm so sorry to hear this. I agree with the other comments on here. Also, just try to spend every moment you can with her. Tell her everything. Ask her everything. She already sees you excelling in life and I'm sure she's proud of you. If you don't believe so, tell her all of your hopes and dreams. Make them come true in the future. She'll be watching and cheering you on. When you're hurting, turn to good friends whether it's a family member or a very close friend. I like to think it helps. Take care and God bless.

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Dec 4, 2013 1:17am
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I'm not very good at cheering people up but I try. ..Miracles do happen!  Stay positive, pray, keep hope, and enjoy every second with her!! She is very proud of you I bet, from starting out as a little boy, to a big nice grown man. You can't do anything else to make her anymore proud of you then already. 

God does listen and help.    my heart broke reading this, and I have to comment.  Make or buy her favorite foods,  she loves you so so much, I bet if she read what you said she'd tear up. Because you actually care, others don't care about their parents or anyone. Because they don't know what they have until they've lost it

Maybe your mother will even heal, stay positive! !!!   She's fought once, she will win this battle again.     Please stay strong.  And she will too.    Don't show any negative vibes. Stay happy always smile at her don't show any pain, or she will too. 

Love is strong, and laughter is one of the best medicines.  Depression hurts you...I know..  I will pray for you right now. (Like once I send this)   please be happy, pray, be happy, make her happy, and positive!!    I really hope everything.goes well, I really hope shell get better.  I bet she will! If you just have hope and ignore all the negatives.  Ask if they can reach it maybe when it gets a little bigger they can! Have Faith, Hope and never give up! Giving up should never be an option.     

I wish you both luck, make this her best month, she's already proud of you, she couldn't be any more proud of her strong little boy.   :)

04 Dec
The only tears I want you to have, are happy ones, tears of joy. When the day she's cured, I just prayed for you and her. Everything will be okay. Remember that!!
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Dec 4, 2013 1:21am
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Dude my mom passed away from liver cancer n October of this head. She was fine in the beginning of the year. No one knew she had cancer. Although she did not make care of herself at all. Her habits were unhealthy and so was her diet. It hurts more than you can imagine. Even if you prepare yourself for the worst, it hurts way more than that. I'm not trying to scare you But if something does go wrong, know your mother wanted you to succeed in life. Do t give up. Tell her you love her every single day. Be with her in those last moments. Its tough. You don't recover but you do learn how to deal with it. I'm sorry to be a Debbie downer but it's life.

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Dec 4, 2013 1:34am
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It's a really hard thing to deal with but I agree with a previius comment.

She is your mum and she will always love you, I'm sure she knows you have done everything you can.

I say that you should spend as much time with her as you can at the moment and really talk to her. Tell her about yourself and ask her questions about herself. It will bring you closer in the time you have and will also give you a lot more to remember her by and provide you with the ability to tell people how amazing she was and how great the things she did was.

It's really hard, and I'm really sorry to hear about this but you will get through it.

Best of luck!

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Dec 4, 2013 8:02am
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My dad had cancer in his esaphagus how ever u spell tht and lived for 6 years after ..i understand...God is th only anchor tht works ..keep praying and stay beside her as much as u can...dnt let her b alone ..tell her u lov her..hold her hand whn u can take care of her...and trust God tht he knws wat he is doing...and whether he heals her here n ths life or on her way to glory jus knw sh is n good hands ...

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Dec 4, 2013 10:49am
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I'm sorry to hear dis brother!!jus be strong n happy around her as much as possible....she needs ur presence ryt nw...bad tins happens to good people...da life...jus pray dat she doesn't suffer Dats all!!!...take care of her n yourself too...she will b in our prayers fr sure...


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