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Dec 17, 2013 2:14am
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Hello everyone!!!

Well I am in need of losing weight and it has been a bit frustrating for me. Been trying to stay away from the fatty foods and trying to excersise. What sucks is I have a semi small room and can't really afford to go to the gum just yet. I would to get some input from people who has been struggling with losing weight but are still have progress. I have myself a goal of losing 30-40lbs by spring. Hope to hear from someone soon
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Dec 17, 2013 2:36am
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I think you found a really great app for your situation.. I started slow with some of the easiest workouts on here and I'm starting to challenge myself a little bit more now..putting together 2 or 3 short workouts..and watching what you eat is the hardest part especially now around Christmas party season..but don't let a small place discourage you..I just pull the coffee table out of the way and have at it..good luck..if you really want it  bad enough you'll get  there

17 Dec
Thank you so much. It just seems so discouraging cause I see so many people losing weight easily and I am struggling. I just have to keep my mind to it and just keep doing it and soon I will see progress I hope lol.
18 Dec
U will!!! Be consistent!!! U can do it!!!!! :-)