How to lose belly fat for a 12 year old

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Jan 3, 2014 6:12pm
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Hi:-) I am 4'9 I weight 130 and I really need to lose weight fast. I am in band and we have a trip to a splash town and there is a mean girl who will make fun of me I need help. I am also 12 years old!!!!

03 Jan
If you really think she's Worth it, do the two day diet with a twenty minute ab workout four times a week along with a few circuits. Pick up a Davina McCall hula hoop in Argos for little over a tenner. If you do it in front of the Telly it's great. But ask yourself is it really necessary? You're a beautiful girl....:-) good luck hun
04 Jan
I'm only 12 to..... I have a medical problem. And I'm higher than 160. I think if you really want this then do it. Work for it (preferred song *stronger*) But I will lose weight. And maybe son can you :)
04 Jan
First, let start by telling you I was not what would be called a teen model at 12, so I feel you. Second mean people are usually mean because they feel inferior, and the only way they feel good about themselves is to put other people down. That is of little comfort if you are the one at the mean end of their streak. Now, let's get to you, fast weight lost is usually fast weight gained back. In other words make the commitment to be the best you, just as you practice music practice being healthy. Cardio, strength train...
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Jan 3, 2014 6:56pm
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Go fore healthy foods like Meats, fruits and veggies. Also go fore a walk everyday. Or start at some fun sport or you can start dancing or something. Just be active.

When thats said dont worry about the mean Girl, she's a bitch anyway. She's not your friend. Why does it matters what she think?? (Clue it does not!)
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Jan 3, 2014 7:11pm
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Don't worry about what other people say to you. There's no really fast healthy way to lose weight. People will love you for the person you are. If this girl is making fun of you because of your weight that means she has nothing else against you, don't let her make your life suck. She's probably just jealous!

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Jan 4, 2014 2:09am
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I get it it's tough trying to be yourself when you want to show off to prove that mean girl wrong. The thing is your giving her the power to rule your thoughts. The whole point in being fit is doing this for yourself and celebrating your accomplishments along the way.

Your better than that. She's isn't doing herself any favors by putting you down. It just shows her bad side. She's probably messed herself that she feels that need to find validation for herself by putting her peers stupid and shallow is that??? Your better than that!!