How to make a workout schedule

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Jan 4, 2014 11:28pm
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I see some guys come to the gym with sheets of paper that list exactly what exercises they will do how many reps and what order they will do them in. how do you go through the process of finding out what specific exercises for benefit you how many reps you should do and what order. there are nothing in the butt and ab workouts but how do I pick the one that will be more efficient to my work out needs. I am tired of going to the gym without a plan I would hope that having a regiment would make me more motivated and confident about working out.

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Jan 4, 2014 11:59pm
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The first steps are easy!

Set your goal -> become stronger/put on more muscle mass.

How many times a week can you go -> If you can only go twice a split schedule wont help. So you should go for a upperbody vs lowerbody schedule or a fullbody schedule.

Choose which days you want to work which parts of your body.

Make a list of exersises that will work the selected area. Work from big muscle work to small. So dont start with arms on the day you also want to do back. Or calves when you still have to squat.

There are 2 repranges you can work in. The first being the one more focussed on power. This is working in a reprange from 1 to 5. The second one is aimed at hypertrophy, muscle growth. This requires a longer time under tension and asks for a reprange from 8 to 12. With 12 being the bodybuilding standard.

If you got questions ask em!