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Feb 5, 2014 4:29pm
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Ok so I am a Poolie in the Marine Corps and Leave May 12 (3days after I graduate) for Recruit Training, I had to get a weight waiver so I could swear in because I weighed 98 pounds and my minimum weight requiremen is 100, I have been working out to gain much more muscle mass so as to weigh more but I fear in losing weight again because I have a high metabolism so it causes me to always eat and unfortunately lose weight faster. My regular workout consists of pull ups, crunches, running (when it's not snowing like today), push ups, Rockys, and side crunches. Any tips to be able to maintain a higher weight? I am on whey protein but I will be switching proteins soon, because whey hasn't helped as much as I need it to because I will lose a lot in Recruit Training though I will end up be on double Rats. I love to workout so I want to keep working out but improve my workout to gain more muscle mass so I can gain more weight.
05 Feb
Sounds like you should use weights. That will help you gain muscle mass
06 Feb
Look up vince delmonte on youtube watch his videos he can clear a lot of myth frm fiction up for ya...vince delmonte at one time was knwn as skinny vinny he is a typical hard gainer who knws what he is talking about both by experience and education
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Feb 5, 2014 4:53pm
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Maybe you should try switching from your regular whey protein to a weight gainer powder instead. There is not a whole lot of calories with most whey protein shakes unlike the weight gainers. Also, try adding a little weight /resistance to your workout routines. If possible, cut down a little on cardio as long as you think it won't affect you r performance too bad. Just a suggestion.

05 Feb
What kind of weight gaining powder do you suggest?
05 Feb
I do arm curls in my Exercise as well
05 Feb
Just try to find something that is low in fat and high in calories. (Roughly 500-800 calories/serving) You will still be able to get your protein as well since these weight gainers are usually loaded with them. As long as you get 30g of protein per serving you will be okay! Keep in my the human body can only consume 30-40g in one sitting or the rest is just a waste;) Check out your local sport supplement store and see what they have then evaluate what suits you best for you!
05 Feb
If you add more weight they will simply have to grow! Lol (Using proper technique of course; )
05 Feb
Well right now I do 16 on each arm but once this snow clears I will be able to go to the gym and do more weight