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Feb 24, 2014 6:03pm

I figured i would just say hi...

I have just finished my first program "men summer beach body". Although I'm definetly far from having a beach worthy body, it still was a nice experience. No visible change to speak of but my legs certainly feel stronger now.

Now i'd rather work out my bun and upper body q: knowing that i'm skinny/soft (1m80/ 68kg) is there a program that would do that?

24 Feb
Welcome to Skimble from another newbie...it's great for workout ideas and mutual support. Good luck with your training.
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Feb 25, 2014 4:41am
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Being pro you can design tons of your own workouts. You may want to take a look at my very simple workouts I made for upper body and legs main muscle groups.
Playground Just Legs
Playground Upper Body
Legs Pt 1
Just Squats

And this one I adapted from the much longer version
Shoulder Killers the Prequel