I need some buddies!

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Mar 3, 2014 10:39pm
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I've always gone about losing weight and getting into shape all wrong- I've never had a support group! Anyone want to chit chat about goals or motivate each other?
I've got to drop a good amount of weight by the end of May. I'm going on a cruise and my first semester of college was no good for me. I gained fifteen pounds. Add that to the fifteen pounds I gained from starting birth control... yikes. I'm 186 and would like to be around 160 by the time my vacay rolls around. Anyone wanna get toned with me?

03 Mar
Sure, why not!
03 Mar
Im 5'9 & 130 pounds...i may look skinny but this chick has lost all muscle tone. so im right there with you on toning up!!
03 Mar
Yeah! I'm 184 actually (typo oops) and 5'6 but I've seen other girls with my stats and I don't look like them. I really pack fat in. I am just slightly jigglier (that's a gross word) than when I was 165. Toning should do the trick for both of us!!
03 Mar
Lol yes...n i hear you, all my weight goes to my stomache i hate it.
04 Mar
Id love a buddy too :) hit me up if you want to discuss goals etc.