Getting rid of belly fat

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Jun 16, 2014 3:27am
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Anyone know good workouts to burn lower belly fat/ take away a belly pooch? Would be greatly appreciated

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Jun 16, 2014 5:25am

Hey Mona - nice choice of hockey clubs there! The tough news is that 'spot reducing' a target area really doesn't work unless you're talking surgically. You'll have more success dropping your overall bodyfat percentage (mostly thru diet, partly thru exercise), which will tend to make 'pooches' or target areas less noticeable. So, while the first and best move is to drop bodyfat overall, I do personally think that strenghtening a particular area can help emphasize improvements. What I'm saying is that working out lower abs a whole bunch right now on it's own won't help that much, but if you can drop some % of overall fat and build and strengthen your entire core, then the whole package can appear firmer...if that makes sense. So I'd suggest instead of targeting specifically lower abs, you can think about your entire core - from lower abs (lying leg lifts, scissor kicks, etc) and all throughout your abs (planking, crunching, ab choppers, mason twists, and if you've even done pilates, the hundreds). This can help you both overall appear slimmer and make what you do have look as good as possible. Hope that helps, and Go Kings Go!