Two workouts a day?

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Jun 26, 2014 6:52pm
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Do at least two workouts a day. To get healthy do at least one workout a day. And if you need help... I'm here for you!

Do one cardio workout... And do
Do one weightlifting workout

And if you think that's not enough...
Get help from Skimble and the app.

Do at least two workouts to motivate your body...lose weight...lose the fat...and get healthy. It's better to be healthy than fat, because when you are fat you might get diabetes. And it is not good to have diabetes. So it is always good to be healthy. And remember to always stay healthy. And if you feel like doing a stretch workout, do one stretch workout. And if you feel like doing stretch workout, do two stretch workouts. It is better to workout than not workout at all. So make sure that you do two workouts a day.
26 Jun
Im glad you know so much about it lmao
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