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Jul 2, 2014 3:26pm
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I'm just starting out this diet and exercise stuff. Any tips or advise on how to stay on track? My ex was a health nut so she helped me eat good but this exercise bit is hard.

02 Jul
My best advice to working out is remembering the goal through the rough times i imagined myself wearing all the cute clothes and playing soccer again. Getting started is awful i know, but soon you wont want to stop! Just take it slow at first and dont worry about what everyone else is doing. I did and injured myself trying to keep up with my VERY in shape friend and had to start all over again. Listen to your body its ok to push your limit just not to far. (Im so long winded arent i lol!)
02 Jul
Thank you so much. No one has ever told it to me like that and that gives me a different perspective. I want to wear nice looking clothes haha
03 Jul
No problem! Weight loss is definetly part mentality. Friend me and we can lose the weight together!
04 Jul