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Jul 5, 2014 3:00am
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So I'm doing poorly on my diet/loosing weight.
I need somebody to tell me to do it and tell me to do it 100% (like a coach/trainer), maybe they can even help me put a schedule together.
It can either be female or male and in their 20s from the United States, let me know if you wanna be on my Kik list and I'll add you.

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Jul 5, 2014 6:36am
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Hey Grayce :)

How about this: you've got a whole bunch of followers right? Every time you come online, click the 'like' button on their finished workouts, and leave a nice comment if you want. That will be a nice reminder to your followers, SO when YOU finish a workout, they'll remember to like and comment yours

This is what keeps me motivated, otherwise I'd never workout lol. My family has never really encouraged me to stay fit, but here, everyone is happy to see me finish something.

Try it out girl :) you're doing fine anyway! 11 workouts is really good :))

05 Jul
Hey dear, what she is saying is true u really have to do it, it's really works. I'm also having it difficult buy his grace I'm doing it and I'm seeing some changes.