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Jul 25, 2014 11:01pm
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Not motivated not sure where to start.

26 Jul
I'm just doing something casual each day. Like a stretch routine. Then if I feel like it I do something more intense
26 Jul
Seem like a good idea. How long u been doin that?
26 Jul
I think it's been 3 weeks now? The first week I missed several days, but now I've made a habit out of it so now I do some workout daily. Easier ones, yes, but it's something.
26 Jul
Yea it is better than nothin. I do Tae Kwon do twice a week. So that helps to keep me active but I get so lazy wen It comes to workouts at home. Most of my friends who work out live far away so no one to be there to motivate me or help me where I get lost. So I've been downloading theses apps to check out workout routines and watching videos on youtube, even looked up stuff on the web. But I honestly feel like without a partner to say "come on bud u gotta do this or...
26 Jul
Tae kwan do? Sweet! I do MMA, but all I have is technique- my upper body strength is pathetic. And yea I know those feels. But once I made the simple stretches a habit, the other stuff ones easier.