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Aug 24, 2014 4:08pm
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Hey guys just started using this app and wanted to introduce myself!

My name is william and I'm 27 years old, im a heavy smoker and a truck driver. I've unfortunately let myself get to about 420 lbs and am in no way proud of it. I have 2 kids that are both boys (7yr and 1yr 8mo)
I've finally decided to make a change to better myself not only for me but for my kids and wife. I'm not ashamed of the way I look but I just want to live for my family! Thanks for reading you guys are awesome! Any tips or motivation are greatly appreciated! Friendships are welcomed too :-)

24 Aug
Welcome William...as I said in your first post ill be happy to help as would others im sure :-)
24 Aug
P.s I know a few people who have switched to vapor ecigs...was as easy as that and noticing big improvements in breathing, taste, heart rate etc
24 Aug
Thanks again matt! I'm going to try vape as soon as I can, I do have one question, I'm pretty heavy and would have a hard time with most workouts here, do you have any suggestions for starter workouts?