Questions about this app? Da fuq?

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Aug 28, 2014 6:27am
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Tbh I have very many body builder friends.. I downloaded this because I thought I could find a good new workout or add to mine. I used to weight 260lbs and now down to 153. I have a little extra skin losing the weight. I have a "4" pack. But anyways. Is there any actual good worksout on here? I have the trial for pro. I've been taking screen shots lol. And Is it worth even having pro? I just need some thing new to add too my routine.. Switch it up.

28 Aug
nothing on this app bro, its only good side as far as workouts go is getting routines/workout off of other users. i have not done any workouts on here as they seem to be aimed at people that dont understand working out and do not go to a gym but i like the app for helping people with diet plans, workout routines and tips