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Sep 23, 2014 7:05am
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I'm 6'1" 250lbs I wanna lose 30+ lbs by December and keep it off.
I need help finding some military grade workouts, and training exercises, wanted to know if anyone was going thru a similar circumstance. I want someone to motivate hold accountable and ask the same in return. Planning on beginning tomorrow. Any suggestions or words of encouragement are welcome.

23 Sep
Yeah, a good one. Don't keep putting out off till tomorrow. What's wrong with doing it today?
23 Sep
I second that...whats wrong with now...think..what are you doing right now...relaxing or becoming who you want to be
23 Sep
I meant opening up to this forum about working out giving and receiving encouragement ^___^ ; I've been working out in the meantime but thanks for your words of motivation