Horrible eating habits.

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Oct 2, 2014 11:38am
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I struggle with eating. I run out the house on mornings with eating anything but drinking some water. By midday I feel it. That's where my chocolate addiction kicks in full effect. I am on the road allll day, sometimes I would eat a sandwich or avacado but mostly chocolate. (I know....it's horrible) When I get home on evenings, while I cook, I eat everything in sight then eat food after. I need help.
How many times are you suppose to eat? I heard salads are the way to go but which ones?
02 Oct
I'm not a dietitan, just wanted to tell you what my Chinese friends eat (Chinese here are slim on average). 3 meals a day at regular times (breakfast 7-8am, lunch 12:30-13:30, dinner around 6-7pm). Breakfast: rice porridge with a bit of pickles, an egg, some peanuts or a little bit of fish. Lunch: rice and at least 2-3 different vegetables (big portions) plus a bit of meat or some fish/seafood. Dinner similar to lunch. The key is that every time they eat something else so there is variety. They don't eat sweets and snack mostly on fruits, nuts and seeds...
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Oct 2, 2014 1:23pm
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When ur sugar level drops it makes you want to eat everything in sight. You are going to have to consciously plan ahead if youre on the road all day. I suggest in the morning make a protein shake. Add a banana berries almond milk and whey protein powder. Pack a protein bar since you like chocolate but also pack some fruit and dry cereal like fiber one. Avoid eating fast food while your out but especially avoid sub sandwiches from Quiznos. They are surprisingly the highest fatty foods in america. Drink a lot of water too. Sometimes hunger is confused for thirst. Once you start consciously planning healthy foods and snacks you will see what works for you and what you need to adjust. Hope this helps. Oh and btw I eat about 5 meals a day. And snack in between. No one is the same you will have to find what is best for you.

03 Oct
How do you split your meals? I was looking at the protein powders today. Now those I need to research for sure to see what would be best.
03 Oct
I eat about every 2 hours. And go 5 o bodybuilding.com for research on which protein supplement would work best for you