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Jan 6, 2013 10:45pm
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Hi guys, i guess most people on here are wanting to loose weight, or tone up.
I just wondered if there are any on here who are trying to gain weight. Im a female weighing 50kgs and 5'5 tall. I'm naturally slim but do need to gain some weight but find it so hard, i don't have a massive appetite, but i certainly don't watch what i eat, i love chocolate etc. ive noticed that when I'm stressed or worried i lose my appetite and my job is really stressful at times. I'm hoping starting to do some exercises may reduce my stress levels and also create more shape/weight to my body in muscle.

Be interesting to hear if there are others wanting to gain weight instead of lose it.
And i know many reading this will just think "just eat more" I've tried consuming the 2500kals a woman needs to gain weight but its so hard, i get full so easily and having a fast motabolism doesn't help either.

Any tips or advice appreciated :-)

06 Jan
Yes . I been skinny all my life . Looking to tone n gain weight
06 Jan
For a whole week try and eat more than a fist size amount of food for every meal. After a week or so you should notice a gain of weight. But eat good foods like meat or etc.