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Oct 24, 2014 3:24am
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New to this app and learning the ropes. Highly motivated to make serious changes in my diet and make exercising a priority. I used to be 145 and fit as a fiddle then along came kids. Biggest issues in my way are motivation and shame. Could sure use any and all help I can get.

24 Oct
It's all about finding a reason. Three months ago I was 220 and hated myself though I looked fat ugly and horrible now I am 180 feel great and think I look good too
24 Oct
Hi Meg - three thoughts for you. for motivation - follow some people on here who are regulars and supportive. There are some really great people on, and following a few can be a good start. As for shame - most of these workouts you can do on your own at home ... no one is seeing but you know you're doing something for you. no shame in that! and final thought is worksouts are great, but your diet is highly leveraged over your exercise (so it takes what 10 mins to eat a quarter pounder and 45 mins to...
24 Oct
What Jason said. I do struggle with motivation too but there are a lot of good people on here who encourage and inspire me. There's no shame in trying to be healthy & fit it's the best thing ever. Let's do this!