Losing weight from butt.

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Nov 7, 2014 10:01am
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Im in high school, junior. I work out when ever i can and try to work out three times a week. I really like my butt but i want a bikini body. I know my body will lose fat from everywhere but i really want my butt to be like it is. Im doing Killer thighs and buns of jillian but i noticed i became 35 from 36. I fear I'll get skinny though i dont mind but is there anyway i can keep my butt? :p

07 Nov
Squats and burpees!
07 Nov
Thanks but i do them. i think it's genetic or something:(
07 Nov
Nah, have you tried to add weight while doing squats? Progressively it will help your body ( butt specifically ) become bigger
07 Nov
My parents won't let me buy them, I'm 17. So they want me to wait till 18 but there's no use. :/ i read that when u build muscles u lose the fat, so it will only make it look bigger and there wont be much fat.
07 Nov
There's a lot of untrue statements with this kinda stuff, thanks to the Internet. If you can increase weight gradually, it will help. Also I would try and talk to your parents, there isn't any reason why you can't do the weights now.